EDUCATE your membership with a consistent message

Publish resources directly to the chapter officers that it will benefit most.

GreekTrack Manage Resources

Set up your chapter officers for success with the right resources at the right time

No more hard to find resource libraries buried on your national website.

As Soon As A New Officer Assumes Their New Role, Your Resources Are Front And Center

Once a member is assigned a new officer position in their chapter, the next time they log in your curated set of resources are displayed preparing them for their new role.

Consistency Is Key, Never Again Will Chapters Reference Out-Dated Resources

With GreekTrack you will maintain a single source of resources that can be updated without breaking links ensuring chapters and the general public always have the latest version.

Make Chapter Officer Transitions Seamless

Often acquired knowledge and chapter resources are lost in officer transitions. With GreekTrack, chapters can add their own resources which are linked to their officer position, not their account. As soon as a new member takes that role, all the existing work is instantly available for them to pick up right where the last left off.

GreekTrack's Resource Library

When chapter officers log in to their own chapter websites they will see all the resources your staff have created specific for their role right on the homepage.

GreekTrack Resource Library

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