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Full-featured email campaign manager with subscription management and email analytics.

Email Campaign Manager

Send messages via Email, SMS, or Direct Message

Only send to the right audience and see who's opened your emails.

Targeted Audience

With GreekTrack, you can filter your audience to send to only a specific membership status or even a single officer position across all chapters.

Email Delivery and Open Tracking

With GreekTrack you will maintain a single source of resources that can be updated without breaking links ensuring chapters and the general public always have the latest version.

Auto-updating Email and Phone Number Database

Never worry about having out-dated data. With GreekTrack, your chapter members are using their GreekTrack chapter site locally and will keep their profile up to date for their chapter's members.

GreekTrack's Visual Email Template Editor

Ensure consistent branding across your email communication. Share your templates with your chapters!

Visual Email Editor

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