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Collect information, give awards, and build a lasting family tree!

Collect Information

Give Awards

Family Tree

Collect Information

All of your members information stored securely online. Even create custom fields to track information specific to your chapter.

Member Profiles
Chapter Awards

Give Awards

Create custom awards and achievements to give out to members. Even let your membership vote on each award recipient using GreekTrack's online ballot system.

Family Tree

Easily view your chapter's family tree.

Chapter Family Tree

Get more tools. Do more service.

GreekTrack provides your chapter with everything you need,
allowing you to focus on what’s important: doing service for your community.

Upload Files
Host your files safely online and never fear about lost history ever again.

Collect Dues
Easily track who’s paid dues and collect dues online with GreekTrack Payments.

SMS & Email
Send bulk SMS and Email messages to keep your chapter informed.

Online & Mobile
All your chapter operations easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

Family Tree
Visualize your family tree which is automatically generated for you.

Photo Albums
Keep a chapter photo album to share your members with the world.

Awards & Achievements
Give awards to members and setup unique achievements to unlock.

A little competition spices things up. See how you stack up.

Chapter Blog
Show everyone on campus the great things your chapter is doing.

Ride Management
Ensure that everyone can get to each event with ride management.

Custom Themes
Make your GreekTrack site your own with custom theming.

Financial Manager
Track every dollar coming in and out of your chapter making audits simple.

Collect important information from your members quickly with online forms.

Make online or in-person voting easy with authenticated and anonymous voting.

Membership Roster
Track your prospects, new members, members, and alumni all in one system with unlimited custom fields.

Host online fundraising campaigns to raise money for your philanthropy or your own chapter.

Full customization to fit any chapter
Customize the membership statuses, officer positions, event types, chapter requirements, privileges, and more to make GreekTrack fit perfectly with your unique by-laws.

Who's using it?

Hundreds of chapters coast to coast!
2.2 million hours of community service logged!

Map of USA showing chapters using the GreekTrack system.

Free live training webinars every two weeks!

Your officers are well supported no matter when your elections occur.

Example Training Semester
Week 1:
GreekTrack 101 for New Officers
Week 3:
Feature Spotlight: Events, Records, and Leaderboards
Week 5:
GreekTrack 101 for New Officers
Week 7:
Feature Spotlight: Finances, Budgets, and Fundraising
Week 9:
GreekTrack 101 for New Officers
Week 11:
Feature Spotlight: Files & Forms
Week 13:
GreekTrack 101 for New Officers
Week 15:
Feature Spotlight: Membership Transitions, Bulk Email/SMS

What's it cost?

for chapters with existing websites
per member per semester
Includes all the internal tools you need to operate your chapter like an event calendar, progress reports, awards, family tree, etc.
for small chapters
per member per semester
Includes Blue plus an external website for your chapter complete with editable webpages, photo albums, and chapter blog.
for large chapters
per member per semester
Includes Gold plus tools to maintain a large organization like SMS texting and document storage.

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