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10 Ways your chapter can stand out during recruitment

It’s recruitment season and you’re probably wondering what are some ways to make your chapter really stand out during recruitment. Here’s 10 tips summarized from Reddit user RobinIsAGoodfellow.

1. Have great food in your house

Who are we kidding, everyone loves and remembers good food.

2. Ensure your chapter has great relationships with deans and the national office

No one wants to join an at risk chapter.

3. Loyal alumni network who support the house

This shows that brotherhood in your fraternity is actually for life, not just a slogan. Also shows that your fraternity has a strong after graduation network.

4. Intramural powerhouse

Everyone loves being on the winning team.

5. Clean-cut image

It’s important to show that your chapter can clean up well for formal events, etc.

6. Active non-secret rituals

Your chapter should be known for a few non-secret rituals like serenading sororities. This helps build your chapter’s brand and presence on campus.

7. Having a house hound doesn’t hurt

Freshmen may be leaving their homes and their life long pets behind. It’s nice to show up at a house with a dog to make your house feel more like a home.

8. Be open about your interest

Go ahead and let freshmen know you’re interested in them. They’ll be more enticed to come out to future events and will talk highly of your chapter throughout the recruitment season.

9. Stable chapter finances

Who wants to join a starving chapter? Freshmen should never feel that they are getting a bid just to get at their wallet.

10. A strong history and traditions

Ensure that freshmen that visit your house see the rich history of your chapter and feel that this house will be around for their future sons to join. Decorate the walls with photos of alumni and keep mementos from traditions your chapter conduct on campus.

11. A well-organized chapter is an attractive chapter

To add to the list, showing that your chapter is very well-organized is always attractive to an interested freshmen. To get your chapter paperless and more organized you should check out the online chapter management service, You can easily manage your chapter’s membership and events and even collect dues online.


Source: Reddit